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I am restarting this magazine after letting it founder for over a year and a half. I have been very busy up until now, both with creating my own art, organizing exhibits,  and fixing up our house and finally moving back to my beloved Pacific Northwest with my husband Chris–who is, I must say, delighted with our move here.

Of course I still plan on the hard work of creating more art and poems of my own, but part of me really wants to also be in the mix with others. I figure this online magazine is a good way for me to connect.

I hope it continues to be a venue worthy of being watched! Given its quality so far, I figure its too good to just let founder. At this date, I have been discovering ways to make my own art blog (at http://bgarthart.com) more publicized, and plan to do the same with Eos: The Creative Context.

As is right now, I am resurrecting the pages that somehow got lost in the shuffle of Eos’s many incarnations. Please bear with the time it takes to make the blog more coherent again.

A good deal of its success will be up to you of course, both as readers and as contributors. I will be asking for articles, poems and, of course, art–and of course comments. And I will soon create a few of my own articles etc. to share too.


“Who Am I Really?” acrylic painting by Bea Garth, copyright 2008, 2014

Meanwhile I am giving Eos a new look as befits her coming out again!

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