Welcome to Eos: The Creative Context

by Bea Garth,copyright 2008


This is the first of many posts by me your host and possibly you and other participants. This is a place to share your creative works whether poetic, artistic, social/political thought, metaphysical explorations or healing in a world much in need for this kind of creative context. Much in the vein of places of synergistic cross fertilization of creative minds in past centuries, we wish to begin this process here.

Here in Eos: The Creative Context please find a welcome place to share and give voice to the coming age that seems to be rolling in towards us at locomotive speed these days. Its my feeling that we need to recognize each other as the brothers and sisters that we are and help each other while helping the planet. Eos as the Goddess of the Dawn is in so many ways symbolic for the dawning New Age that is rapidly coming upon us. She is often depicted in her chariot guiding her two winged horses.

So welcome–and let beauty, harmony, right action, and insight reign!

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