The Environmental Clock & Destiny

An Editorial on the Current State of Affairs, by Bea Garth, copyright 2009

Here it is right after September 11–eight years since the attack on the  twin towers in NYC. It is good to see that some people are using this as a time to heal, plant gardens and respect  the dead. I agree, all this needs to be done, should be done.

However I believe what really needs healing is  our hearts and our focus as a country. We need to put aside vengeance.  It serves no one except for those who would pervert and use the driving spirit of our country for their own gain. Instead real issues like global warming and encouraging a real economy should be addressed–instead of being sidelined as they are now once again (wow kids, we will eliminate 17% of new vehicle gas emissions by 2020!!).

The World Environmental Clock is ticking. Will humanity step up and deal with our mistakes before calamity strikes–or will it take a good whipping by Mother Nature to put us  back in line? (Methinks the latter is in the offing somehow…). Even a current Newsweek editorial suggests that capitalism is caught in the narrow pursuit of money and thus cannot resolve the global warming issue.  Instead of using governmental resources to deal with climate change or focusing on creating a more responsibly run economy (rather than just propping up the banks that got us into this mess to begin with) — our government has chosen to use its  increasingly limited resources to get re-involved in  Afghanistan — that small rugged country the U.S. bombed back into even further primitivity eight years ago.

It certainly didn’t win America any friends to then shoot the war over to Iraq, while the war in Afghanistan continued to smolder. Going back to hit Afghanistan hard again hardly addresses the issue of the need to stimulate real jobs and investments that are actually of constructive use. For instance we could be using that money to correct many of our environmental woes, not to speak of giving Middle America the loans it needs to get their businesses and jobs to stay afloat. But no, the old tried and true formula is brought out again like the old tired floozie it is.  Is anyone really interested in pursuing war in Afghanistan again except the military industrial complex?

From bad to worse to bad again — while meanwhile the American government (with Bush and now Obama) seems incapable of actually dealing with the real issues: rampant, unadulterated greed wreaking our economy — now bolstered up by a whole lot of manufactured paper money which then is likely to pull the plug hole on the dollar; and of course the state of the world climate and ecology  going down another hole. Which undertow will be worse? Is anyone taking any bets?

This reminds me of the  books by Huxley and Orwell: Brave New World and the infamous 1984.   Like Brave New World, everyone seems plugged in to their pleasure devices–now called  I-pods and infinite DVD selections while  so many Americans have fastidiously forgotten how to live their own lives — or, as in 1984, we let our collective anger at our increasingly limited economic and intellectual options as a people be diverted by yet another war.

While meanwhile on the Hill, America’s  “fearless” (new) “leader” is taking us on another diversionary nose dive. With what you might ask? Of course. How could anyone miss it? The whole Universal Health Care Coverage issue is being prepared to not only preserve but to bolster the interests of the Insurance Companies.  Wow, how impressive! The poor insurance companies really need help since so many people now “don’t bother” to get health insurance given how expensive it is–as if most have a choice! Now, if all goes according to plan, Americans will have to get Health Insurance whether they can afford it or not. Say, how does that work? (Not to mention that the whole issue of  Prevention being entirely avoided…) And what was that bit about  health care being too expensive due to the excesses of the insurance companies in cahoots with the big corporate hospitals and pharmaceuticals?

I hear even Mexico has a better universal health care system than what is being pushed onto us by Mr. Obama and co.  I sincerely doubt Mr. Obama is ever going to get real. Honestly to me it seems like  it is at least a semi-tragedy since so many people put their hopes and dreams on the line for him.  All I can say is that both the New Age and the Left better wake up and realize they have to take care of business for themselves since “Our Hero” isn’t likely to change his spots anytime soon…

Like Clinton, Obama  calls himself a New Democrat, folks!! Apart from his inspiring rhetoric and charmingly elegant demeanor, Obama’s actions  broadcast that while he may seem to talk Left he acts Right. Bottom line, he seems unwilling to go to battle against the Right in almost every issue that has come up thus far, including his beloved Universal Health Care Plan. He is all too quick to compromise the guts out of it. It is clear that with that attitude there will be no single payer system for health insurance in America under the Obama administration. Instead it will be Universal Insurance For The Insurance Companies!!–at a time when the U.S. economy can least afford it.

Give it another two or three years and the people of this country will come face to face with the reality that the American dollar won’t be worth using for toilet paper. There is only so much puffing up that can be done before a spark makes it explode! Ditto with the karmic “appreciation” of other countries for their demonization and maltreatment at the hands of  Uncle Sam.

Americans seem like a herd of buffalo headed for a cliff. Once over, let’s hope enough of the herd survives to make a few positive, grounded changes wherein the old ways of greed and ignorant egotism will no longer do.  It is my strong belief that Americans and all World Citizens need to embrace the earth and  their humanity while at the same time honoring their individuality and the fruits of their ingenuity and labor. How difficult is that? We either change or become extinct like the Wild Ox!

Meanwhile, all I can say is, keep up all the good work Obama and co.!! The Bushies are no doubt chortling on the sidelines while America thunders towards its Destiny!

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