“Tim Cottengim’s Life and Paintings” by Bea Garth, paintings by Tim Cottengim


"Untitled, no. 7" by Tim Cottengim, copyright 2009

“Untitled, no. 7” oil painting by Tim Cottengim, copyright 2009

by Bea Garth, copyright 2009

Tim Cottengim’s paintings were often about  the brief nature of life  combined with a sense of beauty and a gentle  self mocking humor as well as at times soul searching angst or anger. I suppose it was only natural, given how sensitive Tim was.

Tim didn’t talk much, however his actions spoke volumes.  He was always there helping to set up yet another show at Works  or at the Overpass Gallery with Al Preciado, or at the old San Jose Art League or acting as the chef for a  potluck or actively participating in a group painting.

However it was in his own work that Tim spoke loudest. His paintings developed  into an honest search of the soul  that spoke volumes.

It was with both sorrow and  love that a crowd of family, friends and acquaintances attended the celebration of this beautiful man’s life in October, 2009 at Al Preciado’s home and gallery (Ten10).

As noted in Chris Arcus piece, there will be a show  of Tim Cottengim’s paintings at Works Gallery on Friday evening, November 20th.  It should be a night to remember.

untitled, no. 5" by Tim Cottengim,  copyright 2009

untitled, no. 5″ by Tim Cottengim, copyright 2009

For now, enjoy the following paintings — representative of some of Tim’s  work in the last few years.

"Untitled, no. 6" by Tim Cottengim, copyright 2009

“Untitled, no. 6” oil painting by Tim Cottengim, copyright 2009



"Untitled, no. 9" oil painting by Tim Cottengim, copyright 2009

“Untitled, no. 9” oil painting by Tim Cottengim, cop

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  1. Thank you for letting me know about Tim’s wishes about his paintings Lorenda. I will call them untitled when I get a chance to change them. Note: I just did that last night–Jan. 3, 2010.


  2. I am Tim’s sister the person he spoke with more than anyone. You see we had a shared history. For that reason he always tried to make me smile and laugh.
    The last 2 years with him were difficult, I don’t expect anyone to understand, but due to my own illness and responsibilities (I have a family) I did not see him until the end. I did however speak with him on the phone everyday for the last two years. (for Mike, he will know why, because he thinks I’m not nice and he is so very wrong!)
    Enough personal stuff.

    If you knew him you might understand that he never wanted his work titled. This is why I’m really writting. For the same reason he never framed his work. He said basically that to put his work into a frame and title it would destroy it’s meaning that he could not describe anyway.


    • My name is Philip Sanchez. I am looking for an old friend who I met in high school in Colorado Springs. I last saw Tim many years ago as he drove from Colorado to California. He stayed with me at my home in Phoenix. If this is the Tim Cottengim I am looking for I am shocked and saddened. The artwork is beautiful. Can someone let me know? I would really appreciate it.
      Philip Sanchez


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