“THE ROOM” and “Lovers” by Bea Garth

"Lovers," pen and ink drawing by Bea Garth, copyright 2000, 2008, 2013

“Lovers,” pen and ink drawing by Bea Garth, copyright 2000, 2008, 2013

Editorial Note: “The Room” is one of Bea Garth’s more
lively poems cherishing love and its delights as well as its
ability to take us to “the other side”– it being yet another
door into Spirit. Her drawing “Lovers” (above) resonates
with this same upbeat, sensual theme.

by Bea Garth,
copyright 2013

I lie burling, singing, snorting,
jerking my lively legs.
I lisp sweet nothings,
gripping your ocean-white red-tinted form,
golden wisps flick the room,
the window shining bright sparks,
we lie, clasp, snuggling each other,
soft struggles, wooing, mewing,
love’s sweet syrup coating tongues, fingertips,
swishing, smooshing, whipping windy, silly pufferies,
the room, a golden temple, a-fire
with the afternoon’s spring warmth
bursting in like trumpets
as we expire, one flopped on top of the other
our Bellies breathing in the Bliss,
while our Minds lie empty,
fallow, spent from between our Legs,
there being no Other Moment,
there being No Room for any Other Richness
except the Now of the Now
Being Now
as we expire into soft snoring
smiling sleepiness
in this Room
our limbs sprawled, lying golden in the glinting rays
as they lengthen upon us,
beneath the dying sun.

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