“Autobiography” watercolor painting by Erik Kaye


watercolor painting  and description by Erik Kaye, copyright 2016

A man meditates; his aura radiates out of the darkness as if it were anatomically determined. Inside his transparent body, two people, his parents, battle, the defining struggle of his life. We see another figure meditating in his lower body, transforming his naval region into a coil of light that sends out the magnetizing intention to transcend his base conflicts.

“Autobiography,” watercolor and watercolor pencil painting on paper by Erik Kaye, copyright 2016

Another meditating figure, a Budda, rests in his third eye region, empowering his wisdom.

This is the first, I hope, in a series of these images. The calligraphic manner of drawing him enables me to present multiple layers of imagery.

Erik Kaye’s Real Autobiography:
I made a decision when I was in college that has defined my life. I decided not to pursue a career in Art until I first overcame a mysterious condition in my life that finally turned out to be Adult ADD. I thought I could just coast on secondary jobs, working in print shops and later, teaching English-as-a-Foreign-Language in Japan, until the inevitable completion of my real work, ADD-Busting. Which never came, at least not until now, that I’m in my 60s. But such is the way of art; painting is a solitary avocation that is as much about the transformative journey as it is about acquiring technical skill.

To see more of Erik Kaye’s amazing art click: https://erikkayeart.wordpress.com/

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