Erik Kaye abstract painting

Evolving Line X

by Erik Kaye
copyright 2008
>Note: click on picture to see an expanded version

This is part of Erik’s new abstract series of watercolors:
The Evolving Line X is a breakthrough
painting — where I succeeding in creating the rhythmic non linear
space that I’ve been reaching for for many years.”
—–Erik Kaye

Evolving Line IX

Please double click picture to enlarge
by Erik Kaye, copyright 2008

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  1. Hi Erik…it’s Gary….I died for 7.5 seconds and came back just like Jesus. I like your abstract art by the way..always have…always will. Hey I just reread a pencil cartoon that you drew along time ago maybe back in 76. It had me with my beard, plastic Ollie Elephant was under my arm and I was knocking on Joni Mitchell’s door. She opens it and I say you want some tennis balls? Then we fall madly in love….just like Janice Aleman and I did. You remember her don’t you? Oh by-the-way Janice found me after 35 years. I’m sitting right next her writing this email to you. Please get in contact with’s my email address I need your email address again because I lost it.


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