About returning from a too long hiatus…

I know its been far too long, however I have had my reasons. Mainly called life. Sneaking up when and where one least expects it. Everything seems smooth when suddenly its not. All is topsy-turvy. The cliches could go on although the experience itself has been far from cliched.  At some point I will write about it, but for now it is too fresh. Plus am really still in the middle of it and don’t know how it will finally turn out…

So despite all, due to popular demand, here is Eos back again. I will make every attempt to not to let it dangle as I have since March 1st.

painting by Marianne Bickett, copyright 2009“Wolfe,” painting by Marianne Bickett, copyright 2009

I just posted the current Thursday Gig info below with another beautiful painting of Marianne Bickett’s that you won’t want to miss (i.e., if you like this painting just above, see the one below in the Gig article, and do go to the Gig if you can make it).  Speaking of which Marianne Bickett isn’t a bad poet either–so I will be including some  of hers here too in the next day or so. Plus maybe a painting or poem of mine as well as other new submissions.

Don’t feel shy about sending me new poems, commentaries, visual art etc. You just might see it/them up here in some pretty good company.

Bea Garth, editor

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  1. I don’t have time to fully address this question today, however I like your concept which you call “Conscious Innocence.” Certainly Eos is about creating a place where its safe to combine free creativity with spirit and intelligent awareness of what is going on in the world. With this we get more clarity and more meaningful sharing. We don’t all have to agree, but nevertheless by having a real dialogue we can expand our bit of awareness and effect more real change in our personal lives and our communities.


  2. This is an edited version of a letter I wrote to beagarth@info.com.

    I’m not sure what an art magazine that I could totally get behind would look like. I’m afraid that the Bush Era has transformed America in a way I don’t like– its attached us more irresolutely to our bodies, made us more stuck in the illusion of materiality.

    I never fell for the assertion that 9/11 has ended all innocence. That’s bullshit. Spirituality– and religion too I believe– is all about living in innocence despite the recognition of suffering and what others call “evil.” That’s what Blake was all about. I am looking for champions of Conscious Innocence, on the internet and in the American conversation, in the media and in the hearts of our community. Can Eos be such a community? Just asking.

    This past January I finally ended an almost perpetual cycle of hurt and blame that has continued since I was young. Since then, my attention has been gradually getting clearer and clearer than its ever been before. With this new attention, I’m feeling pretty intimidated by America. But I do believe I’ll find my way.

    So along those guidelines, what is EOS to you?


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