Health Insurance Bill — in support of the government option

Editorial by Bea Garth

Whilst I was almost to the end  unconvinced, the House passed the historic Health Insurance bill which includes the government option last night. Overall I think this should give us hope that  something can actually be done right in these United States even now in 2009. While it is not a perfect bill, it is a big improvement over nothing.

I am encouraged since the government option  would not have been included except for citizen involvement. All those emails and phone calls to our Representatives actually made a huge difference. Hard to believe but true–the turn around in what was considered viable or not completely changed due to the public’s involvement this Fall rejecting the general Washington opinion that the government option was a dead deal.  So the lesson remains, more of the same must be done by all of us to encourage the Senate to follow suit. Thus don’t be surprised if I forward on a couple of calls for involvement on this. And also don’t be surprised if there is another huge build up of resistance to the government option by the big insurance companies as well as members of the Right Wing,  even if it means many of them will be irrationally negating their own benefit.

If we get a Health Insurance Bill through the Senate that doesn’t include the government option, my feeling is we  the public will have lost and big insurance companies instead will have won massively  to our detriment. So don’t lose out on this opportunity to make a real difference! Make those emails and phone calls to your senators, go to political gatherings in support of the government option for health care and write letters to the editors .  This is a portentous time to make a positive difference to lessen suffering in America despite other continuing troubles in the world.

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