The Poet & on Haiti & The Economy

The Poet
by Bea Garth
acrylic painting
copyright 2010
"The Poet" by Bea Garth, copyright 2010
“The Poet, ” by Bea Garth, copyright 2010

“I  painted this portrait  at Al Preciado’s poetry/music and painting fest at Works Gallery in San Jose, CA–three days after the quake in Haiti.  Performance poet Roberto Tinoco Duran was busy painting at my right, so it was only natural to paint him.  This was my first foray into painting a semi realistic portrait since 1983. Its now his–a gift for the New Year!” –Bea Garth
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2010: On Haiti and the Economy

social and political commentary by Bea Garth
copyright 2010
It will be a year  that I hope will be promising overall despite the horrendous earthquake in Haiti and likely U.S. economic meltdown this coming summer given the impending hard astrological  T-square likely to affect the US and world economy  (involving Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and the Moon in late July).
Unfortunately there is a  continued lack of foresight by our dear leaders in Congress at the no doubt behest of the big Bankers and other Venture Capitalists concerning the state of the economy and lack of needed regulations that brought the world’s economy to such a sad state this last year and a half. Although Wall Street has been rallying, much of the rest of the economy continues to flounder around with no end in sight.
Should I say this? Sometimes it takes overcoming major distress several times to bring us to rightful (albeit often reluctant) change towards what the world should have been paying attention to all along.
In Haiti the developed world is finally turning towards  the plight of the Haitians, a plight that has riddled its 200 year existence made worse by the developed world’s general lack of concern until now. This overall lack of support for the struggling Haitians  has led to the almost inevitable devastation (from what would otherwise have been a survivable earthquake) given the weak building materials coupled with weak medical and other supportive infrastructure in the poorest country of the Americas.
Ironically the beautiful and almost universal rally the world is now having in response to Haiti’s devastation is quite obviously being used  to downplay that other arena we should also be looking at — the deviousness of the Banking industry and out of control Venture Capitalists now finally being investigated by Congress. This congressional investigation however is only being minimally reported by most of the press — if at all. While Haiti should continue to be on the front page — and the Haitians obviously need our economic and humanitarian support as well as our prayers — this story of why the world is in the economic straights it has been in (which likely will worsen again if regulations are not put in place) also needs to be on the front page.
At any rate I expect 2010 to be a very interesting year wherein the out of control Ego finally begins to face the the need for real Change–perhaps not in the way we all wanted it, but in a way that is a little more grounded for the World’s sake (environmentally as well as economically) nevertheless. Perhaps that is  part of the wisdom I see sparkling behind The Poet’s otherwise distressed eyes?



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  1. The painting of Roberto is inspired. It captures some latent dimensions. I look forward to seeing more.


  2. I am impelled to comment on Bea Garth’s recent realistic work, “The Poet.” I also attended Al Preciado’s Works Gallery painting, poetry and drumming “be-in”. The energy there led to creative break throughs.
    Having just heard this powerful, passionate, social justice poet speak about “San Jose”. I was amazed, when so shortly afterward, Ms. Garth completed this image which has his essence!
    Mr. Preciado said something to me about this kind of an event and accessing the unconscious. Even for a creative writing teacher who fosters stream of consciousness without censorship by the internal critic at first, the energy, spontaneity and creative courage surrounding the event cannot be adequately put into words.
    Then I saw “The Poet”. Drawn from tubs of paint generously supplied by Mr. Preciado and Works, onto sometimes muddied canvasses children had been allowed to splash, came works from artists like Ms. Garth.
    This one rendered in proficient strokes and complex hues, expresses not only the spirit of “the poet” but the real deal creative force invited to move amongst us by arts organizers like Al Preciado and artist Bea Garth.
    In an authentic atmosphere, themes of social justice, diversity, dance and inspired madness attracted outsider artists with a paintbrush on the pulse of coming currents for our world.
    Events like this one and works like “The Poet” reveal the best kept secret, that, despite earth changes and political upheavals near and far: a new Muse is afoot–right here, in the south bay.

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