Dream Forest

by Chris Arcus
copyright 2010

I don’t care if I lose you
in the forest of my dreams
wander through the marsh
Swim the pool
Talk to the fool
On the hill
Return with no answers
Not remember where you have been
The wise man has no answers
Only questions
Absolute certainty
Is the refuge of an idiot
Or their salvation
Clinging to driftwood mirage
Tricks the mind plays
All the calculation and scheming
Unable to escape the feeling
that started it all.
The search for solid rock
To fool me into believing
That I can delay
Abolish doubt
And return to believing all is well
Which is the feeling
I coveted
and can just as easily gain
Just by letting go
of the notion
That I needed anything at all
To make me feel that way.
To prevail
Don’t always climb the mountain
Sometimes go around it.
Or stay right where you are
And watch it crumble into dust
Wander the woods following birds
Curl up under the bent boughs
of mother fir tree
Sleep the night
And wake without a memory
Of any care
The days before

CA 1-07

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