Exploring the Beat Spirit: Howard Pugh, Al Hinkle and Open Mic.

Literary hosts Lynn Rogers and I (Bea Garth) will be holding a literary night the last Thursday of March (March 28th) from 6 -8:30 PM once again at the Camden Community Center–this time featuring the amazing poet Howard Pugh plus one of the original Beats, Al Hinkle–as well as new and veteran poets and fiction writers at the Open Mic! This will be Round 48 of Daniel Yaryan’s inspired literary series: “Sparring With Beatnik Ghosts.”

The topic for Round 48 is “Exploring the Beat Spirit” — which transcends time to include the core spirit we all have. Many interpret this exploration as the search for inner calm and meaning within ourselves, Nature and the Universe like Michael McClure. For others, they took a more Dionysian approach, much as Cassady and Kerouac did.  IMHO, whichever  one chooses, most paths taken with a sincere heart and good intention are legitimate ways to contact Spirit and what Jung calls the Inner Self–something many of us need to do more of in this period of major earth and economic struggles with impending cultural transformations in the offing

Be watching for my interview of  poet Howard Pugh with his thoughts on poetry, the creative spirit, and his fantastic Paean to Nature and our complex role in it as Human Beings–soon to appear on Eos.

The Camden Community Center is at 3369 Union Ave., San Jose, CA  95124 (room 5).

Sparring With Beatnik Ghosts, Round 49; art by Lynn Rogers, copyright 2013

Sparring With Beatnik Ghosts, Round 49; art by Lynn Rogers, copyright 2013

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