Greg Hall: visionary poet

To be honest, Greg Hall was a very good friend of mine. But don’t let that fool you, he was on his own an extremely gifted poet and a visionary one at that. Unfortunately he is gone, but his poems remain here to remind us of what is important. I published this poem here on Eos in 2012, 3 years after he died. The poem will give you a taste and make you want more. Please look at the list of poets, artists and writers below the archives and click on Greg Hall for more:

I Don’t Know

by Greg Hall,
copyright 2012, 2016

“Greg Hall” photo by Bea Garth, copyright 2007, 2016

What woke me
Was the shoe
On fire
In the closet,
And the reason
I walked
To work was
The panther;
How she got
Into my car
And locked
The door,
I don’t know.
For years I saw
Single gloves
On the phonebooth floor,
On the freeway
Run over
By trucks,
Or crisp and wrinkled
Among the wrack,
At high tide.
Who wore
The gloves
And where
Their mates are,
I don’t know.
Now you
Are lost
And so
Are the days
Torn from
The tree
And burned.
The nights pass
Even faster
Than a time-lapse film
Such as those
In which a rose
Buds and opens
And fades and dies
Within 35
I saw so many
And tried
To play a waltz,
But the sea
Refused me
A partner
And the waves
Were impossibly high.
With a shell
And a fish
And an apple
I waded into the night,
Immaculately decked out
In white shirt and tie
With crossed fingers
And the state of mind
Of a Prince
I swam towards
The only light
I saw
At sea
And her nightdress
Of torn fog
And the disappearance
Of the wind
And the icy water
And the swells inhabited
With glowing teardrops
And the dark wine
Of the nautical evening,
And how far
Each of us
Must swim
I don’t know…

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8 replies

  1. Did anything serious and substantial ever get assembled with the late Greg Hall’s entire body of work?


    • I think we both need to check with Stephen Kessler to see what he has or has not done. I found the manuscript called “You Can Say Anything” I helped create soon after Greg’s death. Have been extremely busy of late, but want to look into having it on Amazon one of these days.


      • Thanks,Bea. If Stephen Kessler and other poet friends of Greg Hall haven’t done anything to further a wider public knowledge of Greg’s unique body of work in the swift decade since his passing then I think it’s time for me let the ghost go. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Stay busy, it’s a good place to be!
        Dennis Flaherty


  2. Couldn’t find a way to click on more Greg Hall poems here as suggested above, but I have “Flame People” & “Inamorata”…looking for any random single poems not found in those collections


    • I have two pages of Greg Hall’s work here. Just search “Greg Hall.” Its nice to see he still has you as a fan! He deserves to have a lot more.


      • Did undergrad work at UCSC in the early 1970’s and had the pleasure of hearing Greg Hall read his work several times and at Stephen Kessler’s request hosted a poetry reading party at the beach house I was renting at Lighthouse Beach where Hall, Kessler, Frued, fa netleback & others read their poemsr


      • Nice! Sounds like a wonderful experience Dennis. I have some more poems of Greg’s. His daughter just gave me permission to publish them. I truly think another chap book might be in order. I created a chap book for Greg’s Memorial that really deserves to be properly published. Its called “You Can Say Anything.” I also have another small manuscript of his too. Stephen Kessler is supposed to have created a chapbook of Greg’s spanning the decades, but I have not heard anything about it yet. I should check and see what if anything is happening in that regard.


      • How do I post two very special videos clips if you want them?

        1.) Sheila Atim singing “Has Anybody Seem My Love? in the current London Musical ‘Girl from the North Country” which uses all Bob Dylan songs for the soundtrack;

        2.) Rare clip of Bob Dylan duet with Clydie King on the Dion song “Abraham, Martin & John” Circa 1985


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