Tim Cottengim: Lyrical/Visionary Artist–art review by Bea Garth

Tim Cottengim’s artwork stands on its own in its lyrical beauty and depth of soul. His work is symbolic, colorful and muted. It speaks eons of feeling. This mask like piece (“Untitled,” no. 8) for instance is a true testament of his genius.

“Untitled, no. 8” oil painting by Tim Cottengim, copyright 2009, 2013

The almost childlike simplicity of it smacks you directly in the face. There is a quiet anger and strength.

What being is this? What planet did he come from? Where has he gone?

It is my hope Eos continues the tradition of looking beyond mere surfaces as we begin to construct a new culture that actually supports the sensitivity of souls like Tim’s.

The next piece of Tims’s is yet another true masterpiece. To me it  looks like a map of the soul. It reminds me of those old maps from the 17th or 18th century.

“Untitled, no. 5” by Tim Cottengim, copyright 2009, 2013

Here it shows the world as a starving baby done in earth tones. It appears to refer to the feeling of the ancient world from which we sprang and are in reality still very much part of.  For Tim this was likely visceral. He was very sensitive and yet had it in him to relate to the suffering of humanity in his very soul.

To me it refers to the very possible coming times if we do not change our ways and address the frailties of our ecosystem which is being poisoned rapidly by the day to day evils of greed and corruption  wrecking the planet.

The human dimension of addressing feelings at the basic level have got to be addressed first of course in order to get past  all this. This painting shows we simply cannot forget how subtly interconnected our very lives and existence is.

The next two pieces of Tim Cottengim’s are two more masterpieces in my humble opinion. Here I am calling them “Untitled no. 9” and “Untitled, no. 10” since Tim did not want any of his paintings to be titled with a name. IMHO it represents the butterfly spirit  which eventually became symbolic of Tim’s beautiful soul.

"Untitled, no. 10" (butterfly spirit painting) by Tim Cottengim, copyright 2009

“Untitled, no. 10” painting by Tim Cottengim

Tim speaks of the beauty of transformation and the inner peace that is within our souls despite whatever darkness we may experience in the human dimension. The wheelchair no doubt represents a kind of chariot for Tim, in a kind of back handed humor. A chariot with a single wing…

“Untitled, no. 9″(wheelchair with wing) painting by Tim Cottengim, copyright 2009

He knew on some level that the end was near.

The thing is, do we know what the world is facing with destruction of our oceans and general eco system on earth? And what effect that will have on us and our children?

"Untitled, no. 7" oil painting on wood by Tim Cottengim, copyright 2009

“Untitled, no. 7” oil painting on wood by Tim Cottengim, copyright 2009

Tim Cottengim IMHO would likely agree–his work helps sensitize us towards becoming more aware and appreciate what is truly real–the life of the soul, feelings and nature.







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