“How Can Words Even Come Close” and “Defiance” – 2 poems by Trevor Maynard


I take these flimsies
These fancies, these spirits on paper
I try to form them into meaning

My mind cascades thoughts
Ideas bounce, ricochet, thrash
I want to express the rage
But it’s not my rage
It is on behalf of others

By what right
Do I have this anger
They are the abused
I am a bystander
Met, known, years after the events
I hear their tales
See their tears
Tears, which well up from from the dark deep
Their very being, their soul
Tears which are scratching, furious
and the quintessence of pity

How can words even begin to express –

All my life
I profess a path of peace
I promise forgiveness for those that wrong me, and my family
I make a case for pacifism
I believe
“To kill is wrong”

Is this ego?
Flimsy, fancy, fantasy?

Some individuals
I now believe
Do deserve a prolonged and violent death
That is their karma
Mine is to have my pacifism challenged

I now accept
This life, my mortal being
This time around
Cannot be the one of peace
I must live the anger, the pain,
The impotence of acceptance
Until the next time
Or a life, long after that

by Trevor Maynard, copyright 2016, 2017


Note: Humanity’s dominance of this planet has been rather short so far, will it continue beyond the blink of an eye?


At the moment
Of its extinction
The dragonfly
One of a million
About to cease
Shone such iridescent blue
That its hunter was blinded
Such is this time
Of human dominance
One in a billion
Our beauty glows
But may be gone
In the blink of an eye

by Trevor Maynard, copyright 2016, 2017


Bio: Trevor Maynard‘s new poetry collection GREY SUN, DARK MOON, is now available. Editor of ECHOES IN THE EARTH, a collection by award winning Indian poet, Pushpita Awasthi. Read Drama at Royal Holloway College, written and directed plays in London, Edinburgh and touring; play collection published FOUR TRUTHS. Editor of the annual, global anthology series, THE POETIC BOND, specifically drawn from new media, social and professional networking. Manages the “Poetry, Review and Discuss” group on LinkedIN 13,300 members (Jan, 2017). Review: THE STAGE as follows: “Trevor Maynard combines complicated thematic material and unites fractured images with a sure hand.”  http://www.trevormaynard.com; his Amazon page: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Trevor-Maynard/e/B00355QH4A

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