“Standing Rock” poem by Roberto Tinoco Duran; “Caduceus or The Revolution Within,” painting by Jennifer Cordiglia

Editor’s Note: The victory at Standing Rock shows us the power of letting go of our differences and standing together in Spirit to help heal and do what is right. This is a victory, but nevertheless, proponents of the pipeline have not given up. Instead for now they are simply looking for another route.  What the Standing Rock victory does is show us the stakes involved and the path to take… Roberto Tinoco Duran’s poem and Jennifer Cordiglia’s painting capture the spirit of this and other struggles to come.


"Revolution Within" acrylic painting by Jennifer Cordiglia, copyright 2017

“Caduceus or The Revolution Within” acrylic painting by Jennifer Cordiglia, copyright 2017

When will we
And know It’s
For man
To stand
On “moral ground”
When he disgraces
Water life
The blood
In Sand
From sea
To shiny

by Roberto Tinoco Duran, copyright 2017

Bio: Roberto Tinoco Duran has performed and recited his poetry for over thirty years in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. As a featured poet he has taught poetry… from grades one to twelve, and at community colleges and universities throughout California.
In 1992 Duran was selected to participate in a major writer’s conference at Cornell University Ithaca, New York, with leading Latino authors and poets. His book “Triple Crown” was used in the course curriculum at Cornell.

Bio: Jennifer Cordiglia is a young artist of amazing imagination living in San Jose, CA. She has participated in much of the local art scene, most notably at The Citadel and Kaleid Gallery as well as Works/San Jose Gallery and Studio Bongiorno.

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