“Geography Lesson,” poem by Dr. Angelee Deodhar; art by Bea Garth

"Geography lesson," ekphrastic poem by Dr. Angelee Deodhar, copyright 2017

“Geography lesson,” ekphrastic poem by Dr. Angelee Deodhar, copyright 2017

Editor’s Note:  It is really wonderful to have one of my paintings help inspire an ekphrasitic poem by Dr. Deodhar, even though in actuality it was through time and space–since the poem was written years ago in India. So maybe it was the other way around?? Nevertheless, Dr. Angelee Deodhar’s poem and my painting really do belong together. The issues of the increasing difficulties with the environment need us to act more than ever.

Bio: Dr. Angelee Deodhar is an eye surgeon by profession, and a haiku poet, translator, and artist lives and works in Chandigarh, India. Her haiku, haibun and haiga have been published internationally, and her work can be viewed online too. To promote haiku in India, she has translated six books of haiku from English to Hindi.
She has edited three anthologies of international haibun Journeys, Journeys 2015 and Journeys 2017.
For ordering details,please see: http://www.amazon.com/Journeys-2015-Anthology-International-Haibun/dp/1515359875 and https://www.amazon .com/dp/1541387031 Address: House No. 1224, Sector – 42 BChandigarh U.T. 160036 India

Bio: Bea Garth is editor for Eos the Creative Context, as well as an artist and poet. She feels its important for humanity to create a new, more nurturing paradigm to help save the planet from the ecological ravages brought on by uncontrolled capitalism.  To find out more about her art and poetry, see her site at: https://bgarthart.com




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12 replies

  1. Dear Angelee and Bea,

    What a wonderful artistic experience! Art encompasses many forms as your collaborate view aptly portrays. Thank you for sharing your talent!



  2. Very nice! 🙂 reminds me of the time when i was trying to find my way through an old bazaar in Aurangabad!


  3. Subtle expression of love for Humanity. Enjoyed it.


  4. Interesting lesson Angelee ! Nice and symbolic !


  5. Wonderful. To me, reading it was like flying on a magic carpet over the theater of Arabian Nights. The images it evoked were a blend of childlike imagination and celestial wonders. The tunes that were ringing in my ears were: “कहाँ ले चले हो, बता दो मुसाफिर, सितारोंसे आगे, ये कैसा जहाँ है”.


  6. Gorgeous! This reminds me of roaming through the markets of Rome. And I agree, the world , our home, is a fragile place; we should “hold it gently”.


  7. Dear Marianne, Thank you for encouraging me to submit to Bea,and Bea thank you for publishing my poem
    alongside your artwork.I am honoured indeed.love and light,angelee


  8. It’s wonderful to see your haibun here at Eos, Angelee. I truly enjoyed reading it.


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