“Is It Game Over for the Climate?” video by Stuart Scott; art by Erik Kaye

"9-08 Notebook Swirly People--or Free Fall," mixed media by Erik Kaye, copyright 2009/2017

“9-08 Notebook Swirly People–or Free Fall,” mixed media by Erik Kaye, copyright 2009/2017

Editor’s Note:  Stuart Scott leads a panel of experts in this informative TV show  from the Conference of Parties in Marrakech, Morocco. The show focuses on the  perils of climate change if things stay “business as usual–b.a.u.” He shows a clip from Dr. Matthew Watson from the School of Earth Science, University of Bristol, UK who was one of the first scientists to  speak out about the rapid trajectory of  climate change if b.a.u. continues.  Scott then features the husband and wife team Dr. Peter Wadham (Emeritus Professor of Ocean Physics, Cambridge, University) and Maria Pia Casini (Director and editor for the Italian Institute of Polar Geography) who discuss this increasingly perilous situation facing our planet and the need to act now.

Erik Kaye’s artwork originally referred to the monetary free fall in 2008. However the likely global warming free fall may be far worse.


Bio: Stuart Scott is Executive Director of United Planet Faith & Science Initiative (UPFSI) and hosts Climatematters.tv.  He brings four decades of varied personal and professional experience to the UPFSI. He is a deep-ecologist, strategist, educator and communicator. He was the first environmentalist stockbroker on Wall Street (Merrill Lynch, 1977); founded an IT consultancy for major NYC banks (BITS Inc., 1981), later a software engineer for IBM, and then a college professor of mathematics, statistics, and critical thinking. He then started a career of service to humanity and the ecology of Earth as ecological strategist, organizer, and international speaker with Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project. He is the Founder and Director of the Interfaith Declaration on Climate Change, Deputy Director General of the International Ecological Safety Collaborative Organization (IESCO), and served as Chief Ecological Officer of NagaCorp, Ltd.  To find out more about Stuart Scott and UPFSI,  go to: http://www.upfsi.org/category/blog/

Erik Kaye’s Real Autobiography: “I made a decision when I was in college that has defined my life. I decided not to pursue a career in Art until I first overcame a mysterious condition in my life that finally turned out to be Adult ADD. I thought I could just coast on secondary jobs, working in print shops and later, teaching English-as-a-Foreign-Language in Japan, until the inevitable completion of my real work, ADD-Busting. Which never came, at least not until now that I’m in my 60s. But such is the way of art; painting is a solitary avocation that is as much about the transformative journey as it is about acquiring technical skill.” Erik is now a full time artist living in Hawaii. To see more of his amazing artwork, click: https://erikkayeart.wordpress.com/



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