Chlorine Dioxide Malaria Trial in Uganda, video by Mustaque Abdullah

Editorial Note: I  recently learned that taking chlorine dioxide (known as CD or MMS)   is thought highly controversial when used as a healing agent — including even by the Red Cross despite their own findings.  A branch of the Red Cross instructed by MMS associate Leo Koehof ran a clinical trial in rural Uganda using MMS  back in December 2012. The results showed it was 100% safe and effective against Malaria when mixed and diluted properly. Chlorine dioxide is already being used in Uganda to purify most water supplies, so it seems a natural. Much to Mr. Keohof’s chagrin, instead of then publicizing the successful results of this  new treatment, the trial was covered up by the Red Cross and others.  Mustaque Abdullah, a Ugandan videographer eventually posted his own video of the trial. However it was largely buried on U-tube with little public notice. I am now reposting it here with an intro by James Humble–the colorful MSM guru who first discovered that the chlorine dioxide he brought with him to make potable water during his sojourn in South America could cure the malaria his  co-workers contracted.  


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  1. This is also a new malaria test video we did in Uganda last year in November 2017. All cases were cured in two hour dose.

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