“The Look, or It Can’t Be Happening” by Bea Garth, acrylic on canvas

Given the current state of politics here in the USA, the encroaching pandemic with the Corona Virus and an upcoming exhibit I may be part of in San Jose regarding the Homeless,  I have decided to restart this website again. I have been untangling my family business which has taken over a year and a half so far.  Although I’m not yet done, I feel like I can begin to focus on things I care about  such as my art career and this site, Eos: the Creative Context wherein I feature  art, poetry, health and social/political commentary.

The Look or It Can't Be Happening by Bea Garth copyright 2020 acrylic on canvas 16x20

“The Look, or It Can’t Be Happening,” by Bea Garth, acrylic on canvas 16×20

For now, I am featuring the above acrylic painting. It summarizes my current feelings about the general state of things. I am calling it  “The Look, or It Can’t Be Happening” by Bea Garth, copyright 2020.


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