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I am a poet, visual artist (ceramic sculpture, drawing and painting) and editor. My art has become more and more surrealistic and in its way, Goddess oriented in philosophy (i.e., nurturing of the planet and each other plus honoring the spirits and symbols from the unconscious, metaphysics etc.) with a good dose of the Surreal. I focus on exploring feelings and body language many of us might otherwise miss. The art of relationships is a passion of mine, between us humans and the creatures around us, as well as with the Earth itself. I find art to be very healing, and it is this fact that really drives me. I also enjoy sharing art, poetry, social and political philosophy, and an interest in ecology and nutrition/health with others. I have thus created a progressive online magazine (Eos: The Creative Context) where like minded people can share their work.

  • Odakyu Line

    Note: Just double click on the picture and you will get the enlarged version. by Erik Kaye, copyright 2008watercolor painting My friend Erik Kaye, now living in Japan with his wife Corinne, sent this and a series of other paintings… Read More ›

  • Spotlight

    by Janet Crawford Trenchard, copyright 2008 You know this place very welland it is lit, isn’t it?candlelight or searchlightpolice flashlightIt’s your soliloquya room on a stagein which everybody leaves youstanding amongstodd moments of your life-they’re your history, butstill, you think:… Read More ›

  • A New Old Spring

    by Bea Garth, copyright 2008 Here it is spring at long last. The beginning of May; the reminder of promise. So many things seem more possible now despite it having been muggy and over-caste with no shadows earlier today (or… Read More ›

  • How Your Paleness Explodes Inside A Very Silent Joy

    by Greg Hall, copyright 2008 So many hearts brokenAll along the watchtowersInside every stepAlong the waySo many mouthsNever reallyBeen kissedSo multitudinousThe weary virginsFeet in the airAnd a lonelinessHowlingAn untouched coyoteUnder a pristineNew moonThat immaculateSliverTunedTo the curveThat never foundYour SecretThroatskinAndOtherLostMagicksAs inSoManyHeartsBrokenBecauseTheyNeverGotTo… Read More ›

  • On Celiac and Remedies for Chance Glutenings (wheat, rye, barley, oats)

    by Bea Garth, copyright 2008 The following non italicized paragraphs below compose a post I just sent to a celiac forum here in the SF Bay Area. I think the remedies below could be useful to anyone that suffers either… Read More ›

  • Fisher Man at Eagle Lake, California

    by Lara Gularte, copyright 2008 Up to his thighs,he pulls fish from the dark lake,brings them to the light to die,nothing slips away.Some he jerks out of the shallows,too small, so he throws them back. Crazed for water,big fish from… Read More ›

  • "Crescent Beach"

    by Steve Arntsoncopyright 2008 Here is where you’ll figure it outWhere it’s safe enough and separate, too Almost a coveFrom Chapman Bluff to the stairs to Ecola’s lawns and picnics But be careful coming thereBe mindful of ankles the treachery… Read More ›

  • On Propaganda, Free News and the Art of Change

    by Bea Garth, copyright 2008 Just thought I’d put in my two cents today. Saw this brief report on PBS. Apparently there is a New York Times article that has revealed that the Bush administration has made a policy of… Read More ›

  • In the woods at night

    by Lara Gulartecopyright 2008 Shadows move inlight falls to the ground.Colors fill up the darknessclots of red, spasms of purple.My eyesight dims.Deer trail sinks into canyon. When night comes aliveit hums, it crawls.I can hear the deep dead turn,see roots… Read More ›

  • Erika and Claudia

    cloth sculpture assemblage by Joan Dobbie, copyright 2008

  • On Comparing Health Care Systems

    by Bea Garth, copyright 2008 I was just listening to Charlie Rose. He had T.R. Reid on who has written an important book about health care. He has examined health care systems in other developed countries and compared their systems… Read More ›

  • It Was The First Sunny Day

    By Joan Dobbie, copyright 2008 of the year, I waslying on my backon the picnic tabletalking to Beaon the phone.Above me, the skywas brilliant bluethe craggy old cherry treeblossoming pink& filling with birdsof all sizes & breeds.Below me the lush… Read More ›

  • Toltec

    (musings in the clay sculpture studio)By Bea Garth, copyright 2008 Today the clay under my fingers sangat long lastrighting the arms and shouldersof this Toltec like sculptureputting on ears and a bit more masson the back of his headseeing how… Read More ›


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