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  1. Thanks Kelly! I am glad you like the painting. It was one of those that took forever but it was worth it.

    I didn’t bring any of my paintings to that show. However I may bring a painting I think I just finished of a blue wild ox on a yellow field this Thursday Feb. 19th. This one did not take me long to do after I finished the pencil drawing underneath.

    I just found my camera most fortunately, languishing at work so maybe now I can take a picture of it. Of course I couldn’t find the camera being here in LG while I was ill. Am much better now though not 100% Have a bit of a headache after being in the sauna a little too long trying to dry out my sinuses. Had a great conversation however…


  2. I love this! I hope we see more of your mixed media at the January show in Campbell, Bea 🙂


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