When God Is A Woman

by Greg Hall

copyright 2008

The full-breasted daughters of ocean
Arrive inside the white arms of night
This is the hollow hour when sleep
Suddenly is driven out with pine-branches
The hour of three inside its long tunnel
Resounds with iron and dripping water
An owl glides on silent wings
And one’s hands hang empty by one’s side
Ears straining for the faintest sound
And the white page transformed to an animal
Able to eat one alive if it so chooses
The stars in the bay water wait without motion
The blue heron stands inside a moment made of blue steel
The small white fish immobile not daring to move
The fog ceases to drift and remains married
Surrounding the black trunks of pine-trees
Embraced by the white arms of the night…

Greg Hall will be a featured poet along with Steve Arntson at the Nov. 20th Thursday Gig  at the Stone Griffin Gallery at 287 Campbell Ave. in Campbell, CA with potluck starting at 6:30 PM and poetry reading starting at 7:30 PM (more info. mentioned above).

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