The Floating World

by Kelly Cressio-Moeller
copyright 2009

I am still,
a crucifix on the gurney.
On the left, a nurse spears
my darting vein,
taking away my blood.
On the right, another pushes fog
through my bloodstream,
taking away my pain.
An instant swirling rush, recalling
windswept leaves
or the letting down of hair,
and I escape into the floating world:
a woodblock print. My hospital gown,
a white silk kimono
with wide diaphanous sleeves,
dips into the river. I pass under
the moon bridge CAT scan.
Two golden koi race underwater,
faster than the barbed stones
that tear through my kidney,
carving a print of their own.

Editorial Note: Kelly Cressio-Moeller will be reading at Thursday Gig, January 15th at the Stone Griffin Gallery in Campbell, CA.  She will share the spotlight with poet Mary-Marcia Casoly and ceramic sculptor Bea Garth.  For more info, see the article below.

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  1. Happy new year Kelly…
    Sorry I missed your “reading”…


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