The New Paradigm; The New Choice

Editorial by Bea Garth
copyright 2009

I am so very glad we now have the new Democratic Obama administration in the White House. It seems very hopeful. There are a few things that worry me and  most everyone else however.  According to a Fox interview of Ron Paul we now have a 70% increase in paper money since October! By de facto the value of the dollar is dramatically decreasing. A new gold standard is going to be needed. More likely sooner than later!

Its rumored that the Bank of America will soon be nationalized as well as other large banks. This should have been done this last Fall. The banks were given a free ride which ironically seems to be driving the sinking economy down even more. It seems any fixes need to deal with what is real rather than the false chase of paper money. Finally now that Bush is out of office the economists feel freer to talk about this more frankly as evidenced by three economists basically agreeing on all this on Wednesday, January 21st, 2009, on the McNeil Lehrer Hour on PBS one day into the Obama administration.

Finally it looks like we have an administration that is willing to face the hard facts. Hopefully something will be done about the pressing need to support home mortgages which all agree is at the core of this financial melt-down.

According to the last interview of Bush during the late days of his administration, Bush admitted that his advisers told him this last Fall that we may be facing a worse Depression than we had during the 1930’s. This is of course disastrous on more than one level. But perhaps the disaster can make real change possible so we can eventually develop a better economy and better social and political relations than we have ever had. Certainly we will be given the choice to do so. But meanwhile it will take hard slogging and cooperation from a great many of us to get there.

The fact Obama wants to make his administration so transparent as well as open up lines of communication with the public via using the Internet is a very good sign. He wants to keep and build upon the organization he used to become elected. This is far more practical and real than Bush’s so called thousand points of light.

We all are going to be needed. I think the creative community needs to be a big part of this. We have a wonderful opportunity to remake our world if we so decide to take it rather than freak out. We have the imagination  and, due to many of us seeing the underside of the Beast due to our economic choices and need to focus on our creative work, the clarity of vision that others may lack. The world needs us now more than ever.

Obama’s calm and practical nature and vision seem like something that will help us all create a better synthesis.  Nevertheless he can’t do it alone. He is not a one man savior despite Erik Kaye’s above tongue in cheek characterization.

We all need to be part of this fantastic human drama. Real Life and What It Requires is finally impinging on us as Pluto now has firmly entered the pragmatic sign of Capricorn.  We can run scared (though who knows “to where”  since the whole planet is involved this time around) or we can take this as a wonderful opportunity to create a New Paradigm.

I personally choose the latter and hope you do too. We can no longer afford to be afraid of each other or wallow in limited competitive self importance. We must reach out and see the inter-humanity of us all.  Each has a gift to give and receive. That perhaps is the huge lesson of our time. Its no longer “cool” to be so uncaring and so egotistically focused on our exclusive money and goods especially as we watch the money pile etc. evaporate into the illusion of evanescent temporal reality wrongly and greedily applied.

Of course its the Big Financial Institutions that need to deal with this first. It seems sooner than later it will be forced upon them.  Let’s hope they start to get their “just deserts” and don’t get off the hook too easily this time.

More later.

And do please offer your two cents …

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