Thursday Gig: Scholis & Preciado

Don’t miss this month’s Thursday Gig–with newcomer Zoya Scholis’ inspired paintings and Al Preciado’s inimitable poems from the heart.

Thursday, Feb. 18, 2010  6:30 – 9:30 pm

Artist Zoya Scholis

& Poet Al Preciado

Open Mic follows


411 E. Campbell Ave., Campbell


"Turquoise & White," oil on board by Zoya Scholis, copyright 2010

This is a Pot Luck BYOB, Soft Drinks, Water event

Donations of $1 would be appreciated
If you can’t bring food or donate, come anyway : )
Please look at directions below


I grew-up in Monterey, California with my mother & two brothers. We were poor during my childhood which was difficult but also turned out to be a gift in many ways. There was lots of room for my imagination. As a girl, I was known for my drawing and story telling. In 2nd grade I won a set of oil pastels in an art competition. I can still remember dancing my way home with my rainbow in a box.

I began teaching elementary school in Monterey in 1996. In 1999 I started to lead workshops on “Art for Personal Growth” ( through organizations such as, Men and Women as Allies, Friends of CG Jung and Monterey Adult School. I now live and work in San Jose, CA.  In my current paintings, I indulge myself with the privilege & challenge of making abstract art. I consider art-making to be an exploration of my own psyche, and ultimately an experiment with the divine.


I have read  at Willow Glen books, Thursday Gig, Overpass, Mexican Heritage Plaza, Works/San Jose and Gallery TEN10. My poetry can be described as emotive, musing about romance and childhood, and a overall yearning for elusive love.

For a moving and impressive video of Al Preciado reciting for LITnIMAGE Magazine, check out the link:

Directions: 411 E. Campbell Ave., Campbell CA

Going South on Hwy 17 Take Camden Ave. exit. Turn left at Bascom Ave. Go north until you see Campbell Ave. where the Pruneyard Shopping Center is. Campbell Ave. is between Camden Ave. and Hamilton Ave. Turn towards sunset. You will go under Hwy 17 overpass –  go until you see railroad tracks where there will be a traffic light. You will see a road forking off to the right called Civic Center Dr. – don’t take it – keep going straight. Drive over the railroad tracks and look to your right. The gallery is 2 doors up from the tracks. Parking lot is between the tracks and the buildings or on the street.

Contact Info: Elizabeth Parashis at 408/410-2313

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