Celestial Doorways

A Monthly Astrological Report

by Graeme Jones and Bea Garth ~ copyright 2010
April 2010 (April 22nd-30th)

Introductory Note – The Long View:

Welcome to Celestial Doorways. It is our intention to help our readers “thread the needle” in the most positive way possible during these portentous times. One can look at this period during the next few years as being challenging (as it is) — but at the same time one can see great opportunities to develop strategies to fulfill one’s deepest priorities more harmoniously and effectively. Our planet is getting ready to go through a major shift — as it needs to given the issues involved (global warming, peak oil, the ways we make money and relate with each other, too many corporatized bad Hollywood movies etc.). We now have a rich opportunity to help make this shift into a more enlightened “doorway” with purpose and fulfillment rather than its opposite. It is becoming increasingly difficult to pretend nothing is happening. However we can make use of the actual opportunities that true Change for the better really can bring us.

"Celestial Doorways" by Bea Garth, copyright 2010


Turning to the more immediate and personal, due to Mercury Retrograde, right now is not the best time to begin something new unless you already started it before the 19th. It may be best to wait on initiating new projects until after May 12th. However what you can do is go inward and feel your way through to explore and discover what it is that is most important. Remember lessons learned in the past for instance. It’s a wonderful time to do things like journal, make music or art – or even consult your spiritual adviser,  friend — or shrink!

If you do have to start some project or work on anything mechanical with others or deal with communications, be certain to go over it very carefully through May 12th (after which Mercury goes Direct).  Graeme and I have discovered that we are just fine during Mercury Retrograde — if we make sure we go over all details several times to discover any possible mistakes. We also try to let everyone know what is specifically what just to make sure they actually understood us—and vice versa!  It really can help make a positive difference.  The experience of Mercury Retrograde is a lot like moving and speaking underwater. You can do it, however it is different than being on land in the open air like when Mercury is Direct!!

During this time it is important to be careful of others sensitivities. Mercury, besides being Retrograde in Taurus, is also Square Mars in Leo—so tempers could flare.  Nevertheless, Venus, in late Taurus moving towards early Gemini by the end of the month, can help us find our way through these difficulties more harmoniously. Cultivating your Venus qualities right now can really help make a positive difference.

Venus  (representative of love, relationships, harmony, creativity, beauty and money), is also helping to temporarily resolve some of the tensions on Wall Street as well as in the banking system (with its trine to Saturn in Virgo and sextile to Jupiter and Uranus in late Pisces) — of which many of you may have already guessed given recent positive news about the economy.  Nevertheless it is important to be cautious since Venus is also in opposition with Pluto in early Capricorn — forewarning us of possible impending difficulties by mid summer.

On a personal level, Venus can help us deal more harmoniously with authority figures. It is a good time to invest some emotion concerning our health issues  or begin digging a Spring garden now that Saturn is back in Virgo and the Moon is still waxing.

Celestial Doorways will continue each month. Please send us comments if you have a hankering.


You can be subtle and charming in your creative self-expression, particularly when dealing with problems dealing with relationships and career this month. This is a good time for pursuing activities that give you pleasure such as listening or creating music, read or write poetry, give flowers or construct something beautiful from the heart to give to those you care about. Go ahead and do those spring projects assuming you already have begun them before the 19th; just keep in mind mis-communications and failed machinery could happen. This is hard for you, but try to go slow…!! Nevertheless, opportunities to make money could open up with Venus trine Saturn  in your house of work. Just be careful (cautious) to see what is what for certain since Pandora’s box could otherwise open up (with Pluto in Capricorn in hard aspect on the Mid-heaven)! Yes a hard look at possible transformation with your career is key now!


There is a need to watch the way you manage your personal energies at this time – and not get too upset dealing with mis-communications or mechanical breakdowns. You are after all, the salt of the earth! Business and resource development, higher learning and new spiritual insights can help support your productive endeavors.  Friendships and new associations and people who can help contribute to your ideals can bring profit and increase to you. If an opportunity for travel is involved, leap at it! You may find pleasure in behind the scenes private activities. No matter what, be certain to take time to smell the flowers to recharge your internal batteries. Love and beauty this spring help you overcome all. Just be careful of possible flaring tempers…


Investing in the development of personal creativity and/or children would be excellent at this time. It’s a great time to personally express mental creativity. There will likely be an expansion of your profession, career and status in the world, especially if you started whatever new projects you have before the 19th.  Nevertheless, it is important to watch out for unexpected difficulties in the business environment that may compromise your creative activity.  Your intuition can help support the pleasure you experience socializing with your friends. Again be certain your excellent communication abilities are actually understood—and not to get hot under the collar if they aren’t. Patience (a hard one for a Gemini we know, but necessary…)! We are all swimming in water…


You need to shore up the integrity of your support systems such as your home and occupation. Be ready to deal with unexpected challenges arising possibly in your relationships. Use your charm and you will be rewarded! A businesslike approach combined with personal resourcefulness can be very helpful to you at this time. This is a uniquely valuable time to increase your understanding of how your life fits into the larger world picture. Again be careful of possible problems with communicating with friends and ways of making money. Make use of Mercury Retrograde to journal and re-evaluate. You could have sudden bolts of insight that help you further your career despite possible instabilities. This is the time to contemplate possible transformation and change in all aspects of your life. Let go and go with the flow and you will find the way through the Eye of the Needle!


Communicating your ideas to others may be a challenge for you at this time in your career activities. Be careful of overstressing your health or getting hot under the collar  due to outside stresses. Things are not as bleak as you may be thinking however. You can successfully face the struggles in your life by having confidence in your ability to bring your abundant energy into the situations you may face.  You can rely upon your charm and open-hearted honesty to help you move forward in your life and relationships. Again be careful of machinery and patiently repeat whatever communications you may engage in, three times if necessary. Like we implied, it is hard for a Lion to be swimming underwater! However it can be done, just hold your breath and keep keeping on! Meditation at this time can really help.


There may be resource stresses that will challenge your sense of personal creativity. You can improve your life by reaching out to the positive energy available to you in relationships.  Open your heart and let love and the transforming healing energies of nature pour in! Be open to the healing value of subtle energies at this time. You can meet whatever challenges you might have more effectively by using your innate ability to organize your personal resources. This may include skillful behind the scenes activities. This is a good time to ponder your future possibilities. Just don’t let frustrations with inefficiencies, mechanical difficulties and mis-communications get you down. All is, as said, under water…You being of the Earth can accommodate… It’s a good time to start dreaming about your Inner Garden. Philosophy and higher education may appeal to you at this time.


Facing responsibility with regard to home and relationships may occupy your thoughts. You can successfully reach out to people who share your values. This can be helpful to you in other ways. You can be intuitively creative with relationships at this time by using your innate subtle abilities to create harmony and beauty with those you care about—or with those you would like to get to know. Again develop patience given Mercury being Retrograde and possible hot heads with Mercury in Taurus also square Mars in Leo.  Your charm and innate understanding of harmony and spirit should help save the day!


There may be unexpected problems in your employment or from your neighbors. This is an excellent time however to move forward with your career ambitions. You may receive some behind-the scenes support in doing this. Any difficulties you may face will be resolved by taking an active and resourceful approach. Seeing that you are a Scorpio, watch out if you are in the desert!  This will prevent you from being eaten by a Lion coming towards you at 2:00 PM from the Northwest with Babylonian markings. You can use your capacity for subtlety to successfully manage your affairs at this time. Again use your deep understanding of murky waters to see your way through any mis-communications and/or mechanical break-downs.


Resources may be unexpectedly burdened by your projects and social activities. Any stress here can be met by your own creative inspiration, particularly if you spend more time at home or with your family. Look with favor upon opportunities for journeys, nevertheless, particularly those that can further your goals and ideals. It is a great time to re-evaluate your philosophy concerning relationships as well as your spirituality and friendships—as well as ways of approaching what you really want to do in life. Again be careful of machinery or purchasing new equipment; and remember to take time to avoid mis-communications!


A need for retrenchment may be felt because of collective conditions that could be unsettling. However, an energetic management of resources can help bring balance to your situation. Your innate sense of humor and a positive open-hearted outlook on life will help carry you forward at this time. A new love relationship may come into your at this time.  This could be something to sit up and take notice of! Although communication may come easily now, be certain you are actually understood…and don’t get caught up in your fiery associates’ frustrations or hot headedness!  It is a good time to journal and re-evaluate. Business endeavors may look good and indeed could be, but again be cautious! Sudden disruptions and breakdowns could occur. In fact, it might be a good time to, as said before, to re-evaluate and consider new approaches….and possible transformations.


Your beliefs and mental attitudes may be confronted. Emotional openness to subtle influences may help resolve tensions. Communicating your ideas to your partner is especially fortuitous—just make sure you are communicating and hearing what is actually said. Earth and air don’t mix too well and the addition of fire can make it combust, so the Retrograde Mercury in Taurus with its square to Mars in Leo could be a little difficult. Again learn patience and you will be fine. Ditto with anything mechanical; if it could break down, it probably will. Wait on replacing that computer (or whatever) until after Mercury has gone direct next month (May 12th). Heart-felt expression of your feelings can help you clarify problems that may occupy you at this time. It’s a good time to journal, create art (especially if it has a physical dimension), and daydream about ways you might want to become more fulfilled spiritually. Breakthroughs in ideas and philosophical approaches concerning schooling or how you might make money could come through this month.


You may feel the pressure of forces beyond your control. Stepping forward with your own positive and generous spirit can work well for you. Intuitive creativity, especially with regard to resources, will help. This is a good month to apply your imagination and energy at work. Mercury is in Taurus, so it is fairly easy for you to communicate despite Mercury Retrograde. You are a fish so swimming in the water while going two directions  at once is very natural to you.  Just remember however that for most folks communication may seem backwards, so take your time to be more clear and patient. There could be problems with people in your immediate environment; so again patience is key.  This is an excellent time to garden as well as deal with whatever problems that might come up in a structured, earthy way. A little different for you, but by all means do-able!

About the Authors:

Graeme Jones learned astrology in his native New Zealand and has been practicing personal Jungian as well as political astrology for 35 years. You can see articles by him and send comments via his blog at: http://mayanfifthsun.wordpress.com/

Bea Garth is an artist, poet, intuitive healer and student of astrology. She is editor for an arts/poetry/commentary blog-zine at: https://eosthecreativecontext.wordpress.com/

Graeme and Bea can be reached for astrological consultations at:  info@beagarth.com

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